Friday, January 31, 2014

Martha's Vineyard....A Beauty

When my new friend Donna first emailed me about quilting her Martha's Vineyard quilt, I was a bit apprehensive about dealing with the yo-yo's on the quilt top. I talked to fellow long-arm quilters to get advice and information about their experiences with yo-yo's. I was really surprised that no one I spoke with had any experience with a quilt such as this.  Did this stop me? Of course not....I love the challenge!

This quilt was extremely well constructed (which made it easier to quilt). Donna spent three years working on it because it contains over one thousand yo-yo's. Each one was machine appliqued with invisible thread as were all the stems and leaves. She did a wonderful job.

I quilted the empty blocks with lots of feathers and filled around the grapes, stems, and leaves with a McTavishing type fill. I really hate to give this one back!!

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