Friday, January 31, 2014


I just realized that one-twelfth of 2014 is gone! I'm looking at my "quilt book" where I write down all the quilts that are waiting for me, and I see so many quilts that I finished in 2013....and I haven't posted pics of them on the blog!

Well it's time to do some catching up. I guess I was just pushing so hard to get so many quilts finished before Christmas that I just forgot about posting pics. So this post won't be about just one quilt. Let's just say that you'll see quite a smorgasborg here.

Machine embroidered fans done by my mom.

Close-up of quilting in the fan blocks.

Paper-pieced zinnias created by Dorothy.

Close-ups of concentric circles and petals within the zinnia.

Drunkard's Path Variation with an Oriental flair created by Elaine.

Love the batiks!

Jane's Star Quilt

Each star was quilted differently.

The center block

Beautiful batiks...hand applique and hand embroidery....from the third Wanda!  Isn't is amazing that I know three quilters named Wanda?

Close-up of border

Beautiful hand-work!

A wonderful Oriental-style quilt created by Dorothy!

Hope you have enjoyed the "eye-candy" in this post!

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