Saturday, December 1, 2012

A T-Shirt Adventure

Today I want to share my latest quilting adventure. I call it an adventure because this quilt took me places and led me to create quilting designs that I had never done before.

The quilt top was done by a wonderful lady named Kit who made the t-shirt quilt for her friend, Faith. The t-shirts were all Harley Davidson tees that had belonged to Faith's late husband. It was very evident how much time and love had gone in to creating this work of art. It was my job to make the quilting as special as all the memories that came with the 30 t-shirts that made up this very large quilt.

Take a look at the finished product....

Every block is different, so I want to show closeups of some of the blocks.

I used a dark brown variegated thread on the borders, sashings, and most of the blocks. However, some of the t-shirts were light colored and required the use of lighter threads.

The blocks were from Harley Davidson locations and events from around the country.

A little  wood grain background.

Of course, no Harley quilt would be complete without "Sturgis" tees.

Tire treads for the asphalt!

I hope Faith enjoys the special memories from all of these t-shirts. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to add my interpretation of the blocks in the quilting designs.